Thursday, October 25, 2007

Karen D.

LIKES: I like purple, blues, red and bright funky colors. Favorite Designers include: LHN, CCN, LK, BC, HIH; other likes include - starting to like quakers, dogs, halloween, christmas, patriotic, etc.

DISLIKES - cats, religious themes and cartoonish/comic designs.

USE for the received squares: Not sure yet, probably smalls


Previous Partners: Pam E./Vicki P./Anna E./SaraNC/Carolyn F/Darla/Sue W/Jeanie C/Marie P./Lynda A/Joan S/Cyndi H/Wendy Jo/Annette W/Marg F/Sonda M/Lynda A/Jill F/Sabine R/Milly D/Nadia B/Michele W/