Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cucki I.

LIKES: Little House Needleworks, Homespun Elegance, Lizzie Kate, Blackbird Designs, notforgotton farm, the primitive hare,Stacy Nash prim designs.
DISLIKES: not anything really.

USE: will be finished as an pin cushion, needle book or ornament.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rebecca C.

LIKES: Little House Needleworks, Homespun Elegance, Lizzie Kate, Blackbird Designs
DISLIKES: religious, cats, mystical/fantasy, artsy stuff, cutesy stuff, teddy bears

USE: will be finished as an ornament 



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Corinna O.





Bridget C/

Thursday, August 2, 2012

C in DC

LIKES: Band samplers (Victoria Sampler, Just Nan, Sweetheart Tree), alphabet samplers (Sue Hillis), little motif designs (JBW designs, Quakers), Bent Creek, the Trilogy, and anything geometric.

I tend to stitch a lot of fall and winter themed items, and would be happy to see some springy things come from the exchanges.

DISLIKES: anything too twee (Margaret Sherry). If it requires a lot of detailed backstitching to make the design pop, then I'm not interested. (Backstitching for lettering or vining is fine.)

USES: ornaments, biscournus, maybe a pinkeep. Definitely not a large quilt.


Elaine M/

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kathy L.

LIKES: Blackbird Designs, Stacy Nash, Homespun Elegance, any prim designs.

DISLIKES: cutesy designs

Ruth B/Toni M/

Monday, July 16, 2012

Toni M.

LIKES: Anything Lizzie*Kate, Bent Creek, Shepherd’s Bush, Drawn Thread

DISLIKES: not fond of skeletons, angels

USES: will probably attempt a quilt

BLOG: No blog at this time. 

Becca C/Kathy L/

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Becca C.

LIKES: Cats, cats, cats and more cats! I also LOVE the USA and I love Americana designs, they are very hard to get up here in Canada. I love samplers. I like animals of all sorts. I also like florals, especially pansies. I like quilting themes and knitting themes (two of my other hobbies). Some of my favourite designers are The Sweetheart Tree, Textile Heritage, Prairie Schooler and Needle's Prayse, but I would like to receive all different kinds of designers.

DISLIKES: Anything of a religious nature. I also don't like holiday themed designs (except for July 4th).

USES: I would like to use the squares to make scissor fobs (I collect embroidery scissors) needlebooks and pin cushions. I am also a quilter so perhaps, I may save them all to make up into a quilt.

BLOG: none at this time.

Linda B/Toni M/

Monday, January 2, 2012

Terri O.

LIKES: I love samplers, primitive, Santas, alphabets, acorns, autumn designs, Quaker designs, Halloween, blingy designs. My fave designers vary from BBD, Carriage House, Prairie Schooler, Goode Huswife, Little House Needleworks, and the french designers, to Bent Creek, Lizzie*Kate and Mirabilia. I love muted colors you'd find in samplers and fall colors, and red. Love over 1 tiny designs.

DISLIKES: cutsy "precious moments" type designs.

USE: pin keeps, pillows, ornaments, etc..


Shelley P./

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pam K.

LIKES: Warm earth tones, deep jewel tones, linen, samplers, Quakers, primitive, Celtic, animals as in sampler motifs or primitive, blackwork, monochrome, mermaids, antiquish designs. Ink Circles, Blackbird Designs, Carriage House Samplings, Reflets de Soie, most German designers, iStitch, Charley Harper designs.

DISLIKES: Aida, religious, cutesie, pastel or very bright colors, holiday stitching other than Christmas, angels, kitchen/food, flags, lighthouses, teddy bears, very fussy/girlie designs. Lizzie Kate, LHN/CCN, Just Nan, Victoria Sampler, Stoney Creek.

Pincushions, needlebooks and other "smalls".


Nancy K/Shelley P/Daniella T/Jill F/Karen R/

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bev R.

LIKES: BBD, Shepherd's Bush, Quakers and all things French

DISLIKES: Halloween

USES: pincushions or ornaments to keep in a basket by the fireplace.

No blog at this time.

Bridget C/

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elaine M.

LIKES: Hardanger, Quaker designs, samplers, flowers, Celtic, traditional, cute, most anything really, if its something someone has has chosen and loved to make it is truly treasured.

DISLIKES: Not too keen on Religious.

USES: I love making Needle cases, pillows, or anything that comes to mind. Would love to make a quilt with the squares.


Ruth B/Lynda A/Renee K/Jennifer F/Shelley P/Daniella T/C in DC/

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sharlene S.

LIKES: LHN, Bent Creek, Blackbird Designs, Homespun Elegance, Lizzie Kate, I love halloween and christmas, and fall and winter are my favorite times of the year.

DISLIKES: religous, nature or "manly" designs

USES: I make a lot of flat folds, cubes and pillows, I give most of what I make away as gifts.



Marcy M.

LIKES: favorite colors - pink, pastels and autumn colors; fav designers - Cross Eyed Cricket, LaDDa, Just Nan, Blackbird Designs, Rosewood Manor, Victoria Sampler, Drawn Thread and lots of others; fav themes - just about anything but especially Halloween, flowers and samplers

DISLIKES: primitive, religious, cutesy kids

USES: I usually make little ornaments out of smalls


Karen R/Linda B/Daniela T/Nancy K/Milly D/Kathy A/

Marie W.

LIKES: Nature designs, Quaker, BBD, LHN/CCN, Birds of a Feather, Danish designers, French designers such as Rouge du Rhin, Is. Vautier, Lizzie Kate, Primitive Needle, patriotic, Halloween (pumpkins, witches, ghosts, spiders, cats, bats), Egyptian, Celtic, birds, foxes, turkeys, squirrels, sheep, bees/bee skeps, dragonflies. Christmas is OK if non-religious, like pine trees, deer/reindeer, snowflakes, presents, stars. I like animals if they are silhouettes OR look real. I like Thanksgiving as long as the turkeys are not shown as a meal.

DISLIKES: Religious crosses/ religious/ Easter/ fantasy/ Disney/ teddy bears or other "cutesy" designs (cartoon-like), or Donna Kooler-type designs, or baby or children's designs. I don't like coffee, egg, chickens, roosters/ham or meat designs. I don't like Halloween vampires, blood, gruesome, Frankenstein designs.

USES: I plan to just make pinkeeps at first. I might make a couple of needlebooks.


Chris B/Nancy K/Jill F/

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kathy A.

LIKES: lighthouses, angels, mandalas, samplers, nutcrackers, quilts, Quaker, Christmas

DISLIKES: PINK!, cutesy, religious, cartoony, florals, not a pet owner

PLANS FOR SQUARES: Making a quilt with my squares.


Jeanie C/Joan S/Shelley P/Marci M/

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Diane M.

LIKES: PS, LHN, CCN, Bent Creek, Shepherd's Bush...French designs. I especially like Autumn themes & Holiday related projects.

DISLIKES: Jeremiah Junction

USES: I like to make Holiday decorations with my cross-stitch projects, so I switch out different items as the seasons change. I especially like the little pillows hung on doorknobs & I frame alot of the little pieces too. I hope to start making some flat folds soon :)

BLOG: None at this time

Jennifer F/

Shelley P.

LIKES: Favorite designers are Prairie Schooler, Just Nan, Lizzie Kate, Bent Creek, Cross-Eyed Cricket, Little House, Country Cottage. Favorite colors are purple and green. Color palettes - autumn, spring, jewel, antique

DISLIKES: Cartoon or licensed characters, religious or patriotic themes

USES: Not sure. I have a collection of squares awaiting finishing! I will probably do pinkeeps and cubes.

BLOG: This is not in use now, but my blog is I won't be posting pics from the exchange on here, unless something changes in the future and I have the time. I'll keep my posts limited to the F & S blog.

Pokua A/Kaje K/Jennifer F/Lynda A/Kathy A/Pam K/Terri O/Elaine M/

Kathryn D.

LIKES: SHEEP!!! Halloween, Christmas, Blue, Green, Variegated Threads


USES: Smalls Basket


Milly D/

Kaje K.

LIKES: Ink Circles, blackwork, celtic designs, flowers, modern geometrics, Christmas designs

DISLIKES: Primatives, nautical, cutesy, cartoons, samplers

USES: Ornaments, pinkeeps...not sure what else

BLOG: none at this time

Sonda M/Shelley P/

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lei B.

LIKES: anything colorful, cheerful, or cute.

DISLIKES: do not like designs that are all one color.

USES: I will use the square to make pinkeeps, scissor fobs, ornaments, or pillows.

BLOG: living to stitch - stitching to live

Janice M/

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lenna V.

LIKES: LHN, CCN, Lizzie Kate, La-D-Da, Shepard's Bush, Mosey and Me, San-Man Originals, Bent Creek, Just Nan and Mirabilia.
Tired Teddy, cats, the sea, reindeer, Santa, Snowmen and women,
dragons, angels and mermaids.
I love color and my favorite over dyed thread is CC. I love the soft colors.
I also like Dinky Dye Silks but use DMC the most.

DISLIKES: The color yellow, brown and maroon by themselves. I know they are important
in stitching but not by themselves.
Aida cloth.
Wizards, medieval, cartoon's/comic designs, cutesy animals.

USES: Pin Keeps, Scissors fob, biscornu's, ornament, smalls.

BLOG: The Flying Itches Needle

PREVIOUS PARTNERS: Faye R/Jeanie C./Ruth B/Janice M/Jenna A/Linda B./Jennifer F/Michelle W/

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Christine R.

LIKES: While I do have some favorite designers (Mosey 'N Me, Shephard's Bush, Prairie Schooler, LHN, Blackbird Designs), one of the things I love about exchanges is learning about designers I haven't noticed lately so please feel free to choose from your own faves.

DISLIKES: dragons, fairies, geometrics, cutesy (like Precious Moments, Disney)

ornaments, scissor fobs, pin keeps, biscornus, needlebooks

BLOG: Cross Stitch - Christine

Marie P/Jennifer F/Chris B/Melissa W/Danica/Sonda M/Nancy K/Renee K/Janice M/

Monday, May 25, 2009

Faye R.

LIKES: La-D-Da, Little House. Quaker anything, samplers,My Big Toe, With my Needle, Ink Circles; Linen, Overdyes and silks...I guess I am more tradional that anything!

DISLIKES: Dragons, Fairies, Cats (sorry cat lovers!),witches, frogs

USE: Pinkeeps, needlebooks, biscornus and basic smalls


Previous Partners: Michele W/Carolyn L/Darla L/Lenna V/Pokua A/Joan S/Linda B

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jenna A.

LIKES: Prairie Schooler, LHN, Blackbird Designs, CCN. Colors- earth tones and jewel tones.

DISLIKES: Halloween themes: witches, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, etc.

USE: Pin keep, biscornu, square box, needlebook, knockers, etc.


Previous Partners: Claire G/Jill F/Bridget C/Michele W/Lenna V/Joan S/Ruth B/

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kim VDR.

LIKES: I love quaker, primitive, country, samplers. I love quality materials… linen, over dyed flosses, all colors, monochromatic, vintage looking… Designers that I like: La-D-Da, With My Needle, My Big Toe, Little House Needleworks, Long Dog Samplers, Ink Circles, Heart's Content, Rosewood Manor… there are so many!

DISLIKES: I guess cutesy… I don't know if I have strong dislikes… aida.

USE: I'm not sure yet…


Previous Partners: Daniela T/Peg/Nicky R/Melissa P/Sonda M/Jill F/Michele W

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Maren S.

LIKES: To be honest, I am drawn to just about anything. I love bright colors, patterns, Quaker; floral, animal, vegetable (I could be really tweaked and say mineral--go ahead, stitch me a rock). I have a wide area of interest when it comes to cross stitch.

DISLIKES: Although I am not as fond of those extremely primitive almost disjointed patterns, I do believe in the spirit of giving. Anything stitched for me will be cheerfully received.

USE: I would like to stitch them into a quilt, eventually. Which means I'll probably be signing up again, and again, and again...


Previous Partners: Jill F/Sharon V/Melissa P/Lynda A/Janice M/Peg H/Sharon V/Renee K/

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Karen T.

LIKES: I like folk-art and primitive type designs, aswell as anything seasonal. Favorite designers include La D Da, Blackbird Designs, Prairie Schooler, and Homespun Elegance.

DISLIKES: anything modern, fantasy, mythical, orcutesy

USE: Probably pillows or ornaments


PREVIOUS PARTNERS: Danica/April K/Melita D/Nadia B/Karen R

Laura W.

LIKES: I like Drawn Thread, Prairie Schooler, Quakers, Just Nan, alphabets, owls, Halloween, Christmas, Americana, Shepherds Bush, sampler designs, monochrome designs, LHN, hearts, flowers, trees and houses.

DISLIKES: I do not like cutesy animals wearing clothes.

USE: I will be making biscornus, pinkeeps, ornaments or other smalls.

BLOG URL: no blog at this time


Monday, November 24, 2008

Beth H.

Likes: Traditional, Homespun Elegance, Mill Hill, buildings, Shepherd's Bush, Twisted Threads, Country Cottage Needle works, Barbara Ana, seasonal,whimsical/prim, bunnies/rabbits and I collect pumpkins!

Dislikes: Lizzie Kate and Bent Creek (please-no) , fantasy, mystical, Disney, witches, anything too cartoony cats, teddy bears, Precious Moments. cutesy (which is different than whimsical/prim).

Use: pin keep, ornaments, tin box, cubes other creative finishing


Previous Partners: Dani B/Nicky R/Janice M/

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bridget C.

Prairie Schooler, Lizzie Kate, Little House Needleworks, Bent Creek

mystical and fantasy things

pinkeep, pin cushions, quilts and flat folds.

Blog url: I do not have one at this time but plan on getting one soon.

Marg F/Joan S/Marie P/Malinda B/Jenna A/Nicky R/Bev R/Corinna O/

Kaye D.

LIKES: Just Nan, Mirabilia, Passione Ricamo, Victoria Sampler, Lizzie Kate, Drawn Thread, samplers, snowmen, lighthouses,LHN country cottage,houses, flowers,silk threads, hand dyed fabric, all holidays. Also I like praiseworthy, Prairie Schooler, and Bent Creek.

DISLIKES: I really don't dislike anything, I'm pretty much open to anything.

USE for the received squares: I am excited about trying some new finishing keep, covered boxes, etc.


Previous Partners: Jen R/Jane F/

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mia U.

LIKES: Almost anything, 'cept for the dislikes

DISLIKES: I don't like "picasso" type models or many different bright colours in one stitching.

USE for the received squares: I'd love to tryout a quilt typed wallhanging.

BLOG URL: (I write in Finnish and English)

Previous Partners: Kathy A/

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daniela M.

LIKES: All kind of sampler (antique, reproduction, quaker, vierlanden, alphabeths, mono-colour designs...) Carriage House Samplings, By the Bay Needleart, Moira Blackburn, Blackbird design, Prairie Schooler, houses, trees, all earthy colours: green, rusty orange, mustard yellow, brown, purple, teal, creamy colours, all "old-looking" colours like antique pink, tea and coffee stained fabrics.

DISLIKES: Religious phrases, Backstitches, cute things, bright pink, bright yellow, bright blue (thou I like turquoise), fire engine red, pastel colours

USE for the received squares: I will finish them into individual smalls


Previous Partners: Gillie/Suzanne S/KimVDR/Renee K/Malinda B/Kathy A/Jennifer F/Linda B/April K/Marcie M/Millie D/Pam K/Ruth B/Elaine M/Pokua A./

Veronique D.

LIKES: The prairie schooler - Lizzie Kate - Brittercup Design - LHN

DISLIKES: none listed

USE: little cushion, pinkeep, needle book

BLOG URL: none

Previous Partners: Paula C/Heidi B/Jeanie C/

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Claire G.

LIKES: Dragons, faeries, food (except coffee and tea designs), plants and florals, cottages, animals

DISLIKES: Disney, Precious Moments, Halloween, Santas, nothing too cutesy

USE for the received squares: Various items, pin keeps, ornaments


Previous Partners: Jennifer F/Darla L/Stephanie M/Jenna A/

Colleen A.

LIKES: Bent Creek, Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks, Lizzie Kate, Christmas, varigated floss

DISLIKES: Religious themes, Precious Moments, Disney, mystical and fantasy

USE for the received squares: Not sure yet

BLOG URL: no blog

Previous Partners: Melissa P/

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Evelyn M.

LIKES: Primitive, Shepherd’s Bush, Prairie Schooler, simple designs, floral, quaker, samplers

DISLIKES: Religious themes, Precious Moments, Disney, mystical and fantasy

USE for the received squares: pinkeeps, pillows

BLOG URL: No blog

Previous Partners: April K/

Susan P

LIKES: Just Nan, Victoria Sampler, Lizzie Kate, Drawn Thread, samplers, snowmen, lighthouses,LHN country cottage,houses, flowers,silk threads, hand dyed fabric, all holidays.

DISLIKES: disney, anything too cartoony and cutesy, Precious Moments

USE for the received squares: I am excited about trying some new finishing keep, covered boxes, etc.


Previous Partners: Terry P/Rima A/Jennifer F/Jayne N/Kathy A/Ruth B/Darla L/Heidi B/Pokua A.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Linda B.

LIKES: Lighthouses, books, snowmen, the alphabet and Quaker motifs. Designers: Lizzie Kate, LHN, Bent Creek and Elizabeth's Designs.

DISLIKES: Dragons, bunnies, cats, angels, teddy bears (cutsie stuff)

BLOG: None at this time

USE: not sure, probably a pincushion -

Previous Partners: Sara S/Pokua/Joan S/Julianne P/Milly D/Renee K/April K/Daniela T/Ruth B/Jane F/Jennifer F/Nancy K/Lenna V/Nadia B/Faye R/Marcy M/Ruth B/Pokua A/Becca C/Marie P/

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jennifer H.

LIKES: Lizzie Kate, Raise the Roof, Bent Creek, Shepard's Bush, La D Da, hand dyed fabrics, sayings and quotes, Birds of a Feather, samplers, LHN, gardening, holidays
COLORS: green,teal,orange,bright colors, rich autumn colors

DISLIKES: clowns, angels, unicorns, wolves, tigers, anything cute/cartoon like, religious, mystical/magical/astrology, dragons, teddy bears
COLORS: muted drab colors,pastel colors

Blog URL:

Previous Partners:Darla L/Kathy A/

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Peggy S.

LIKES: Lighthouses, Snowmen, Angels, Unicorns, Wolves, Tigers, Quaker Samplers, TW samplers, Imgainating patterns, Tulips. COLORS: Teal, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Bright Greens. SAYINGS: is a Favorite. Holidays/Seasons/Spring/Fall, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving.

DISLIKES: Oriental patterns

USE: quilts, pinkeeps, couchons(sp)

BLOG URL: none at this time

Previous Partners: Melita D/

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jennifer F.

LIKES: lighthouses / nautical themes (sailboats, crabs, lobsters, starfish), Dallas Cowboys, stars, Australia, kangaroos, LHN / Country Cottage, cool colors (especially blues), German or Celtic / Irish themes (St. Patricks Day is my 2nd favorite holiday), Autumn, flowers, houses, Capricorn, Winter (my BD is in December), geometric / quaker designs (Acorns & threads is a good example). I have a regularly updated wishlist on my blog

DISLIKES: Religious themes, Disney, Precious Moments, fairies, Halloween, dolls, Asian designs, baby themes, babies dressed up like animals, clowns, cows, bugs (ladybugs are okay)

USE for the received squares: Ornaments, needlebooks, pinkeeps, other "smalls"


Previous Partners: Michele W/Cyndi H/Claire G/Jeanie C/Susan P/Gillie K/Marie P/Vanessa J/Nicky R/Daniela T/Peg H/Christine R/April K/Linda B/Diane M/Lenna V/Melissa P/Shelley P/Milly D/Marie P/Elaine M/Pokua A/Peg H/

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jane F.

Likes: Quaker and monochromatic designs, LHN, Blackbird designs, Elizabeth's designs, pastel and neutral colours. Hand dyed thread especially Old Willow Stitchery, Carries Creations

Dislikes: Anything cute/cartoon, bright colours

Use for squares: hope to makes them up into pinkeeps etc - on a learning curve with this!

Blog: - sadly I haven't blogged in a long while but planning to get it up and running again soon

Previous Partners: Dani B/Annette W/Marie P/Lynda A/Kaye D/Linda B/


LIKES: Silk-Threads, Hand-Dyded Linen, Samplers, Quaker, RED, Birds, Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin, Blackbird Designs, Birds of a Feather, Homespun Elegance,
Ewe & Eye, French Designs

DISLIKES: Religous, Mythical

USE: Pinkeeps, Pincushions, Scissor Fobs, Needlebooks, Ornaments

BLOG: None

Previous Partners: Sonda/Jill F/

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Milly D.

LIKES: My favorite designers include: Little House Needleworks, Bent Creek, Prairie Schooler, Lizzie Kate, Carriage House Samplings, Drawn Thread and Blackbird Designs. I'm mostly drawn to folksy, homey, Americana designs. I love patriotic designs!!! I also like hearts, Santas and cows (black & white ones). Favorite themes are Autumn and Christmas. My favorite color is red.

DISLIKES: Not interested in anything fantasy dragons, unicorns, witches, etc. I do not celebrate Halloween.

USE for the received squares: Most likely a pinkeep, ornament or mini pillow.


Previous Partners: Sabine R/Vonna/Melissa P/Jill F/Linda B/Lynda A/Karen D/Kathryn D/Jennifer F/Daniela T/Marcy M/

Monday, June 23, 2008

Jeanie C.

LIKES: almost anything

DISLIKES: mystical, dragons, fantasy, fairies, angels, religious, patriotic themes, bible verses, baby themes, too cute and cartonish designs, churches, whimsical

USE for the received squares: not sure yet

BLOG URL : none

Previous Partners: Karen D/Sandra G/Lynda A/Jennifer F/Renee K/Veronique/Nicky R/Peg H/April K/Melissa M/Heidi B/Lenna V./Darla L/Pokua A/Kathy A/Janice M

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Veronica O.

LIKES:Hand dyed fabrics, Finishing fabrics, Linen, Overdyed floss and the Designers listed on the sidebar of my blog :)

DISLIKES:Aida, Dragons

USE for the received squares:No idea yet but thinking of giving making pinkeepers and/or needlerolls a try


Previous Partners: Michele W/

Jayne P.

LIKES: anything besides fantasy

DISLIKES: fantasy, Terresa Wentzler

USE: scissor fobs, pin keeps, needle book or whatever I feel like when the time comes!

BLOG: none at this time

Previous Post: Margit C/Christy R/Daniela B/Danica/Michele W/Sara NC/Nancy K/Pokua A

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Karen R.

LIKES: Pretty much anything not in my dislikes! My favourite themes are seasonal and holidays and favourite colours are rich deep ones and muted autumnal tones.

DISLIKES: Cute, Disney, Flowers, 4th of July and Thanksgiving (they’re not celebrated here) and pastel colours.

USE: Probably smalls, pillows, flatfolds, pinkeeps etc...

Blog URL:

Previous Partners: Wendy Jo/Kathy A/Kendra G/Renee K/Melissa P/Marcy M/Karen T/Pam K/

Laura ME

LIKES: American designers - Lizzie*Kate, LHN, Shepherds Bush etc, i also like redwork

DISLIKES: Characters - country companions, tatty teddy etc

USE: my use for the squares would be for decoration of my home - needlerolls, pin keeps etc.


Previous Partners: April K/Renee K/

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anna W.

LIKES: christian themed, houses, landscapes, americana, angels, lighthouses, samplers, purple, victorian, quilts, european landscapes, redwork, bluework, dolls and books

DISIKES: fairies, animals, geometrics, sayings, Halloween Themes

USE: I would love to learn how to make a scissors keep or a fob as well as a pin keep. I have been cross stitching for 20 years or so but have been out of the loop for a bit. Was not aware of the pin keep craze. Perhaps I will make pillows or needlerolls. I have spent many years stitching for others and would like to fill my home with more needlework items

BLOG URL: Anna does not maintain a blog at this time.

Previous Partners: Christine R.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rachel P.

LIKES: all things quaker, Lizzie Kate-ish, Shepherd's Bush-ish, La-D-Da-ish, Blackbird Designs, etc...Love Halloween and Xmas and Sheep

DISLIKES: not big on patriotic pieces

USE for the received squares: pinkeeps most likely


Previous Partners: Chantal/Gaby/

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Janien C.

LIKES: lizzie kate - cats - winter (snowmen - pinguin - icebear - ...) - christmas - halloween - lady bugs - anything purple and pink - anything cute

DISLIKES: sports - religious - black and white

USE: pillows - pinkeeps - quilts - ornaments - boxes -

BLOG: don't have one at this moment

Previous Partners: Suzanne St./

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


LIKES: I am totally in love with the Quaker samplers!! I also like flowers, especially violets, panseys, daisies and tulips. My favorite colors is red. I do like bright colors.
I love overdyed flosses!

DISLIKES: I don't usually do CUTE when it comes to cross-stitch and I am not an animal person. I don't really care for the primitive stuff.

USE: I am anxious to try several new finishing techniques. I will probably try a biscournu, pinkeeps, etc.

BLOG URL: does not maintain a blog at this time

Previous Partners: Martha B/Anniemiek/Mary Kathryn/

Monday, April 28, 2008

Amy VM

LIKES: anything pink, silk threads, hand-dyed linen, samplers, country or cottage styles

DISLIKES: aida, religous items

USE: pinkeeps, mattress pincushions, flat folds, quilt


Previous Partners: BrendaNC/

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tracy M.

LIKES: quaker, patriotic, dogs, Shepherd's Bush, LHN, Homespun Elegance, Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate, Mosey N Me, Carriage House Samplings, Stitchy Kitty, etc.

DISLIKES: landscapes, cats, anything "realistic" looking

USE for the received squares: ? Pinkeeps or ornaments probably


Previous Partners: Brenda H/

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lynda A.

LIKES: I love samplers of all kinds; like LHN, CCN, Sampler Girl, LK, BC, La-D-Da, Blackbird Designs...actually too many to mention! Colors: deep jewel tones, also muted tones, love over-dyes. Love Quaker designs.

DISLIKES: I don't like neon colors; fantasy or mystical designs. Prefer things that are not too "cute-sy"

USE: not sure yet


Previous Partners: Jill F/Karen D/Jeanie C/Joan S/April K/Jane F/Ruth B/Maren S/Karen D/Milly D/Shelley P/Elaine M/Ruth B

Diane M.

LIKES: hardanger, band samplers, LHN, Sisters and Best Friends, Just Nan, Quaker, willow trees

DISLIKES: Fairies, dragons, Mirabilia, frou-frou, fantasy, HAED

USE: Not sure what I plan to do with the squares yet, possibly a quilt.


Previous Partners: Georgie/Lisa VV/Sonda M./Mairi G/Kendra/Jill F/Malinda B/

Sharon Daffycat

LIKES: I am not picky (I like just about anything) but I have a special fondness for peacocks, ladybugs, bumblebees and cats.

DISLIKES: I don't think I have any true dislikes!

**I am allergic to silk! Please don't use silk in pieces you send to me or send me silk threads.

USE: My use for the squares would be whatever inspires me upon receiving them...

BLOG URL: It's Daffycat

Previous Partners: JoanS/

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Natasha B.

LIKES: Quakers, flowers, birds, LHN, BBD, the color green

DISLIKES: Wizards,dragons etc

USE: pin keeps,flat folds


Previous Partners: Melissa C/

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Janice M.

LIKES: Samplers of all kinds, cats, small animals, flowers, Amish, Christmas; Favorite colors: almost everything - pastels in particular, spring & summer colors but also like deeper colors as well.

DISLIKES: religious themes, fantasy, cartoonish items, “Precious Moments” and Halloween and the color orange except when used minimally.

USE for the received squares: Not sure yet, possibly a wall-hanging or individual items such as pinkeeps.


Previous Partners: Corinna/Ruth B/Wendy Jo/Jessica M/Terry P/Michele W/Jill F/Heidi B/Beth H/Maren S/Lei B/Lenna V/Jeanie C/Christine R/

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Carolyn F.

LIKES: I love red, white & blue. My family room is dedicated to the hunter/fisher in my life and I chose to accent the room with red, white & blue. Also, I love to cross-stitch--and share it with others who share the same love and passion. It is my therapy!

DISLIKES: I dislike stitching huge designs, designs with quarter and three-quarter stitches. I'm kind of an "instant" gratification stitcher!

USE: I would either use them as accent pieces or small ornaments.

BLOG URL: I do not have a blog. I love to read blogs, but haven't taken the plung and created one for myself just yet.

Previous Partners: Karen D/

Martha B.

LIKES: nature, hearts , angels quilts, poetry, trees, flowers , abstracts, any kind of needlework

DISLIKES: can't think of any

USE for the received squares-I am new to this so I am thinking -ornaments? pincushions? small quilts?


Previous Partners: Tracy M/Cyndi H./

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Heather M.

LIKES: Lizzie kate, bent creek

DISLIKES: anything religious

Use for squares: Not sure


Previous Partners: Brigitte A/Jennifer B/Laurie W./Melissa P/Rachel V/

Vanessa J.

LIKES: whimsical items, butterflies, dragonflies, Shepherds Bush, LHN designs to give you an idea of my taste

DISLIKES: anything holiday related or birthday related - please keep it general.

USE for squares: none listed


Previous Partners: Marg F./Jennifer F/

Monday, April 7, 2008

Kendra G.

LIKES: holiday designs (patriotic, Christmas, Halloween), 4 seasons, animals, country, nature

DISLIKES: primitives, fantasy (dragons, fairies, etc.), licensed characters (Disney, etc.)

USE for the received squares: pinkeeps (regular and mattress-style), little wall-hangings, biscornus, floss tags


Previous Partners: April K/Paula C/Julianne P/Diane M/Sonda/Karen R/

Melissa P.

LIKES: Almost anything

DISLIKES: Disney/cartoons; fantasy; religious

USE for the received squares: I don’t know yet.

BLOG URL : I don’t have a blog yet.

Previous Partners: Staci K/Kathy A/Danica M/Heather M/Jennifer B/Colleen A/Milly D/Missy Ann/Maren S/Jessica M/Michele W/Nicky R/Karen R/Kim V/Jennifer F/

Monday, March 31, 2008


LIKES: love sheep, houses, trees, flowers, designers like Little House Needlework's, Country Cottage Needlework's, Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate, Prairie Schooler ,Waxing Moon, Shepherd's Bush, ect. I love fall/autumn and Halloween.

DISLIKES: dragons, cartoons, fantasy

USE for the received squares: not sure depends on what the block are...probably small pillows

BLOG URL if you have one :

Previous Partners: Michele W./Chantal/Anna VS/Peggy S/LisaCT/Gillie K/Clare H/Marie P/Karen T/Jill F

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sandra G.

LIKES: Springtime; flowers; all nature colors; books; crafts; patchwork; colect fabrics,buttons, threads and ribons

DISLIKES: None listed

USE for squares: thinking about it....


Previous Partners: Heidi/Mary Kathryn/Kathy A/Jen R/Jeanie C

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jennifer B.

LIKES: bold colors (primary, earth tones, jewel tones, etc), citrus fruits/scents, animals (fuzzy, buzzy, leggy, slimy - all are good), geometric patterns, lakes, mountains, winter, fall, mythical, story books (Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Aesop, Madeline L'Engle, Babar the elephant), edgy statements ;-). Designers (for example): La-D-Da, Shepherd's Bush, Teresa Wentlzer, Joan Elliott, stuff like that. I'm pretty open to most everything as I have a wide range of tastes.

DISLIKES: lacey stuff, cotton candy pink, overly girly, religious, victorian style stuff, disney, inspirational sayings

USE for the received squares: Christmas Ornaments (except for the special round projects - well, the Christmas round would probably end up as an ornament :-D).

BLOG URL if you have one:

Previous Partners: Katrina H/Heather M/Laura M/Cyndi H./Paula C/Jessica M/Melissa P/Suzanne S/Heidi B/

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brigitte A.

LIKES: Prairie Schooler, Little House, Country Cottage, Blackbird Designs, Carriage House Samplings, Little by Little, Brightneedle, Drawn Thread, La-D-Da, birds, Quaker, houses, trees, samplers, nature and a lot more

DISLIKES: cats, fantasy, cutesy, religious

USE for the received squares: pillows, pinkeeps, flatfolds and whatever comes to my mind.


Previous Partners: Heather M/April K/Jill F/ReneeK/

Saturday, March 15, 2008

April K

LIKES: seasonal, all holidays

DISLIKES: floral, anything regilious

USE: to make a quilt


Previous Partners: Kendra G/Angela P/Laura ME/Briggite A/Laura M./Tuula/Ruth B/Sue W/Rachel V/Evelyn M/Lynda A/Darla L/Sharon V/Pokua A/Karen T/Melissa M/Jill F/Jeanie C/Carolyn L/Linda B/Nadia B/Daniela T/Jennifer F/Paula D/Chris B

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mairi G.

LIKES/DISLIKES: I really like bright stuff, quirky stuff, arty things, girly but not too pastel stuff (I have a 6 year old daughter!), boy stuff (4 year old son!), camels... pretty accomodating really but I really don't like anything too pastel, brown is a bit of a no-no, nothing too prissy or victoriana! Is that enough?!?!? Also, no American stuff (not really appropriate down here!!!!).

USE: little framed collection or patchwork them into a sampler. Depends really what comes back eh?!?!


Previous Partners: Ruth/Chris B/Staci/Staci K/Diane M/Clare H/Pokua A/Darla L/

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Julianne P.

LIKES: Prairie Schooler, Blackbird Designs, Quaker, Redwork, Country themed

DISLIKES: none listed

USE: various; I'd like to make a tote bag.


Previous Partners: Suzanne St./Daniela B/Gaby M/Kendra/Jill F/Nadia B/Linda B/Missy Ann/

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sara S (SaraNC)

LIKES: anything really! :)

DISLIKES: dragons, mythical stuff

USE for the received squares Not sure about that either! I've never made them, but the pinkeeps look really neat, or an ornament or pillow


Previous Partners:KarenD/Gaby M/Rita H/Linda B/Jayne P/

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Christine B.

LIKES: Ocean, Tropical, Bright Colors, especially Blues and Turquoises. Cottages and Gardens, butterflies and dragonflies, roses and hearts.

DILIKES: Pale,Pastel and neutral colors.

USE for the received squares: Depending on the exchange, either pin keeps or pillows with quilt square borders.


Previous Partners: Pokua/Laura M/Sabine R/Anna W/Jayne P/

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jayne N

LIKES: I like Samplers especially alphabets, the colour purple and associated shades, Lizie Kate, Brent Creek, Blue Ribbon designs, shepherds Bush, Fancy Works, Drawn Thread, With my needle, The Prarie Schooler,Quaker patterns. Most things really.

DISLIKES: I dislike the colour yellow and disney

USE: I will make the square into some type of small accessory e.g pin keep.


Previous Partners: Nicky R./Sabine R./Teresa S/Shelley P/Lei B/Jen R/Susan P/Sonda M/

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Suzanne St.

LIKES: Holidays, bunnies, cats, flowers, samplers, Blackbird Designs, Cross-Eyed Cricket, Lizzie Kate, Shepherd's Bush, Just Nan, and lots more! Pretty much anything except what I listed in my Dislikes!

DISLIKES: Asian designs, fantasy, too cutsey, cartoon-looking

USE: quilted wall hanging?


Previous Partners: Sharon B./Julianne P./Wanda/Janien C./Darla L/Mary Kathryn/

Monday, February 18, 2008

Missy Ann

LIKES: Funny, quirky, I can think of designers that I like in every style... &

DISLIKES: Leisure arts, bible verses

USE for the received squares: Whatever the piece moves me to do, smalls
probably. I won't be making a quilt or probably anything that requires a
sewing machine (my machine and I, we have a hate/hate relationship - it's all
very tragic).


Previous Partners: Sonda/Tuula/Jill F/Melissa P/Julianne P/Sharon V/Christine R./

Friday, February 15, 2008

Laurie W.

LIKES: Bent Creek, Heart In Hand, Lizzie Kate, Shephard's Bush, Stitchy kitty, Helga Mandl, Barbara Ana, Lavender & Lace, Waxing Moon, HAED, JABC, Dragon Dreams, Ursula Michael,
Fairies, anything mythical (wizards, dragons, sorcerers/esses, castles), anything celestial, butterflies, coffee themes, teacups/teapots, flowers, zodiac (Virgo), Americana/patriotic, snowmen, WDW over dyed floss, sampler threads, dmc color variations floss, all seasonal & holidays, friendship sayings, Fav. color is purple in all shades!!

DISLIKES: baby or sports themes, stamped kits, cartoon characters, western, really religious

USE: Door hangers, fobs, pin keeps, small wall hangings, sm. pillows, ornaments, biscornu's (maybe).

BLOG URL: Laurie does not maintain a blog at this time.

Previous Partners: Neila/LisaVV/Heather M/

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Annette W.

LIKES: Palm Trees, Egyptian, Fantasy, jewel colors

DISLIKES: Can't think of anything!

USE for the received squares: Finished as smalls (biscornu, pinkeep, etc)


Previous Partners: Marie P/Paula C/Brenda H/Angela P/Kathy A/Jane F/Karen D/

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Melissa C.

LIKES: Almost anything. Not too picky.

DISLIKES: only thing I really don't like are fantasy pieces.

USE: I may make them into quilts, wallhangings, or standup decorations like cubes or flatfolds.

BLOG URL: My blog is

Previous Partners: Laura M./Stephanie/Natasha B/Annemiek/Marie P/Malinda B/

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Liz S.

LIKES: There isn't much I don't like. I'm
especially fond of Halloween or Autumn designs. Some
of my favorite designers are Bent Creek, Birds of a
Feather, Brittercup, Heartstrings, Cross-Eyed Cricket,
Heart in Hand, Just Nan, L&L, Little House,
Lizzie*Kate, Prairie Schooler and Sweetheart Tree.

DISLIKES: Religious (Xmas ok), mystical/fantasy,

USE for the received squares: I'll let the design
inspire me, but likely an ornament or biscornu/tuffet.


Previous Partners: Nadia/

Thursday, January 10, 2008


LIKES: I love antique samplers, earthy tones, some pastels, bunnies, beehives, birds, women stitching, quaker designs, peacocks, hearts, french designs, primitive designs. Favorite designers: La D Da, Blackbird Designs, A Mon A Mi Pierre (AMAP), Brightneedle, Long Dog Designs, Giulia Punti Antichi.

DISLIKES: religious, patriotic, cartoony/cutesy, mystical/fantasy, primary colors, garish colors/designs.

USE for the received squares: not sure, possibly pillows. Or maybe a quilt?


Previous Partners: Cathy B/Kathy R/Paula C/Sue W/Melita D

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rowyn B.

LIKES - I am easy to please, and like most things. I love American designers from Carriage House Samplings to Bent Creek, Quaker designs, animals, English cottages etc

DISLIKES - Disney and other movie characters (I do like Disney etc, I'm just not a great fan of them as cross stitches)

USE for the received squares - my finishing skills are limited at the moment, so I'd probably make a small cushion to begin with


Previous Partners: Kathy A./Clare H/

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Annemiek K.

Likes: Prairie Schooler, stitched quiltdesigns, The Drawn Thread, Ewe & Eye & Friends, Sampler motifs, different techniques as hardanger, blackwork, drawn thread etc. Shepherd Bush, Little House Needleworks, Cross Eyed Cricket, JBW Designs French Country series, Isabelle Vaultier.

Dislikes: bright orange, fantasy style designs, religious motifs, my weblog should give a good idea of what I like :)

Use for squares: I haven't decided yet, but I might start my own pinkeep collection with these squares. Or make a small quilt out of them. Or a pillow. One thing I know for sure, I will definitely use them!


Previous Partners: Sharon B./Melissa C/Michelle B/Lei B/

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Daniela B.

LIKES: almost anything, I love all stitched designs

DISLIKES: do I have any?

USE: I would like to make a friendship quilt or something in this way


Previous Partners: Mary Kathryn/Paula C./Staci/Julianne P/Jayne P/

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nadia B.

LIKES: for instance the patterns of San-Man Originals, Raise the Roof, Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate, the Prairie Schooler I like nature, the seasons, animals, Japan, Ireland, halloween, the sea and a lot more.....

DISLIKES: that's more difficult. Don't like cartoons, religious or patriotic. I'm rather easy to please...

USE for squares: like to make it into a friendshipquilt or maybe some little fabric friendshipbook


Previous Partners: Paula C./Liz S/Gaby/Jen R/Darla L/Julianne P/Pokua A/April K/Karen T/Karen D/Linda B/

Friday, November 23, 2007

Melissa G.

LIKES:Drawn Thread, Of Female Worth, Quaker stuff...SAMPLERS, Handanger, Lizzie Kate,
Bent Creek, Sweetheart Tree

DISLIKES: No dragons...mystical...halloween...

USE for the received squares: not decided - probably smalls

BLOG: - it's about my son, but I am also going to post things
that I am doing on it, too.

Previous Partners: Joan S./Terry P./Wanda/

Monday, November 19, 2007

Melissa M. (SoCalStitcher)

LIKES: Sampler themes, Quaker themes, LHN, Brightneedle, Prairie Schooler

DISLIKES: Not really a dislike, but I would prefer to not receive any sort of religious-themed squares

USE for the received squares: most likely, pinkeeps or ornaments


Previous Partners: Malinda B. (MEL)/Sue W/Sabine R/Claudia K/April K/Jeanie C/Corinna O/

Monday, November 12, 2007

Jill F.

LIKES: peacocks, hedgehogs, thimbles, purple and green, samplers, blackbird designs, chessie & me, birds of a feather, lizzie kate, heart in hand, shepherd's bush, little house needleworks, bent creek, trilogy and brightneedle designs. I love patriotic designs.

DISLIKES: Mystical, Fantasy.

USE for squares: I will be making smalls.

BLOG: purplepeacockjill

Previous Partners: Terry/Staci/Ruth B./Tuula H/Patti K/Heather L/Sonda/Lynda A/Missy Ann/Brigitte A/Stephanie M/Diane M/Keane/Julianne P/Janice M/Maren S/Milly D/Marie P/April K/Karen D/Nancy K/Jenna A/Michele W/Melita D/Kim VDR/Pokua A/Marie W/Renee K/Pam K/

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christina L.

LIKES: Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks, Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate, 4MyBoys. I like samplers and seasonal with an emphasis on Christmas. Not so interested in 4th of July or other specifically American holidays since I´m in Sweden:-) Most importantly I will appreciate anything someone takes the time to make for me!

DISLIKE: Fantasy and kids motifs or too cute and caartonish.

USE for squares: Depends on the amount of squares and I haven´t really decided, but I am leaning towards a small friendship quilt.

BLOG: Christina does not maintain a blog at this time.

Previous Partners: Mercy/AmySC/Rima A/

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Malinda B. (Mel)

LIKES: Designers - TW Designs, Just Nan, La D Da, Blackbird Designs, Drawn Thread, Jeanette Douglas, Victoria Sampler. Other likes include trees, samplers, quakers, and most of all speciality stitches.

DISLIKES: Cutsie or cartoonish type designs, animals, and bright primary colors.

USE: none listed

Blog: HERE

Previous Partners: Michele W./Melissa M./Sonda/Terry P/Diane M/Daniela T/Bridget C/

Joan S.

LIKES: Drawn Thread, Little House Needleworks, Quaker Motifs, Shepherds Bush, La D Da, Twisted Threads, Samplers

DISLIKES: Fantasy, Medieval , Dragons

USE for squares: Make smalls, such as Biscornu's, Pinkeeps, scissor fobs, Needle Rolls, Needle Books, etc...


Previous Partners: Willeke/Melissa G./Gaby/Nicky R/Sharon(Daffycat)/Sonda/Gillie/Angela P/Margit/Rachel V/Karen D/Mary Kathryn/Heidi B/Lynda A/Linda B/Bridget C/Peg H/Faye R/Kathy A/Jenna A/

Saturday, November 3, 2007


LIKES: Samplers, Halloween, fall, snowmen, coffee, fairies, mermaids, peacocks. Autumn colors as well as purples and blues; overdyed fabrics and fibers. Favorite Designers: Little House Needleworks, Long Dog Samplers, Blackbird Designs, Sanman Originals, Blue Ribbon Designs, Country Cottage Needleworks, Prairie Schooler...and many more!

DISLIKES: Country, hearts, religious, patriotic, most animals, wizards


Previous Partners: Terry/Marie P./Laurie W/Carolyn L/

Teresa S.

LIKES: cows, the color purple, holidays of any kind, books, and birds

DISLIKES: I'm very easy to please!

USE for the received squares: I think I'll make a two sided pillow with them.

BLOG: Teresa does not maintain a blog at this time.

Previous Partners: Stacey L. /Chris B./Ruth/Jayne/

Diana J.

LIKES: Blackbird designs, LHN, La D Da, Shepherds Bush, samplers, houses, alphabets, Quaker

DISLIKES: flowers, cats, dogs, mermaids, faries

USE for: pinkeeps, fobs, ornaments

BLOG: Diana does not maintain a blog at this time

Previous Partners:Sharon B./Marie P/Margit C/

Friday, November 2, 2007

Stacey L.

LIKES: Designers I enjoy: Country Cottage Needleworks, Little House Needleworks, Mirabilia, Teresa Wentzler, Raise the Roof Designs, Monster Bubbles, Lizzie Kate, M Designs, Dragon Dreams, Blackbird Designs, Shepherds Bush, Colours I like: Autumn Tones: Pastels, Blues
Themes: Country Houses, Cute cats, Daisies, Dragons, Mushrooms, Samplers

DISLIKES: Halloween (not really celebrated in Australia), Snow (doesn’t snow here!)Australiana (ie kangaroos, koalas, outback houses etc)

USE: for the received squaresOrnaments, Flat folds, small pillows, pinkeeps


Previous Partners: Teresa S./


Likes - Autumn tones, greens, browns, antique colours, Americana, CA Wells, bird houses and birds, hearts, Prairie Schooler, Blackbird Designs, The Goode Huswife, Carriage House Samplings, Hillside Samplings, Reflets de Soie, Quakers, basically anything sampler style or French!

Dislikes - Celtic, Religious, Cutesy, reptiles, bright colours, juvenile motifs, fantasy, Christmas (like Christmas, just not stitched)

Use - Might like to make a quilt or a wall hanging, pin keeps


Previous Partners:Margaret G./Monique/Diane M/Jill F./

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chris B.

LIKES: Cats, quilt designs, Lizzie Kate, Sweetheart Tree, Heart In Hand, Calico Crossroad "cats", Just Nan, Shepherd's Bush, M Designs, Tigger or Eeyor from Winnie the Pooh, Christmas, 4th of July / Patriotic (USA), Elizabeth Designs, symmetrical square designs that could be finished into a biscornu.

DISLIKES - Thanksgiving related, farm animals, bugs, lizzards, snakes, Precious Moments, Amish designs, dogs (like dogs, but not cross stitched)

USE for the received squares - A quilted wallhanging maybe, framed piece, oranaments for appropriate small Christmas design, biscornu or small pillows.

BLOG URL: Chris's Blog Here

Previous Partners:Lin/Teresa S./SueW/Mairi G/Sabine R/Gillie/Carolyn L/Christine R/April K/Marie W/