Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Janice M.

LIKES: Samplers of all kinds, cats, small animals, flowers, Amish, Christmas; Favorite colors: almost everything - pastels in particular, spring & summer colors but also like deeper colors as well.

DISLIKES: religious themes, fantasy, cartoonish items, “Precious Moments” and Halloween and the color orange except when used minimally.

USE for the received squares: Not sure yet, possibly a wall-hanging or individual items such as pinkeeps.

BLOG URL: http://wellwhatsinaname.blogspot.com/

Previous Partners: Corinna/Ruth B/Wendy Jo/Jessica M/Terry P/Michele W/Jill F/Heidi B/Beth H/Maren S/Lei B/Lenna V/Jeanie C/Christine R/