Monday, July 28, 2008

Jennifer F.

LIKES: lighthouses / nautical themes (sailboats, crabs, lobsters, starfish), Dallas Cowboys, stars, Australia, kangaroos, LHN / Country Cottage, cool colors (especially blues), German or Celtic / Irish themes (St. Patricks Day is my 2nd favorite holiday), Autumn, flowers, houses, Capricorn, Winter (my BD is in December), geometric / quaker designs (Acorns & threads is a good example). I have a regularly updated wishlist on my blog

DISLIKES: Religious themes, Disney, Precious Moments, fairies, Halloween, dolls, Asian designs, baby themes, babies dressed up like animals, clowns, cows, bugs (ladybugs are okay)

USE for the received squares: Ornaments, needlebooks, pinkeeps, other "smalls"


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