Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daniela M.

LIKES: All kind of sampler (antique, reproduction, quaker, vierlanden, alphabeths, mono-colour designs...) Carriage House Samplings, By the Bay Needleart, Moira Blackburn, Blackbird design, Prairie Schooler, houses, trees, all earthy colours: green, rusty orange, mustard yellow, brown, purple, teal, creamy colours, all "old-looking" colours like antique pink, tea and coffee stained fabrics.

DISLIKES: Religious phrases, Backstitches, cute things, bright pink, bright yellow, bright blue (thou I like turquoise), fire engine red, pastel colours

USE for the received squares: I will finish them into individual smalls


Previous Partners: Gillie/Suzanne S/KimVDR/Renee K/Malinda B/Kathy A/Jennifer F/Linda B/April K/Marcie M/Millie D/Pam K/Ruth B/Elaine M/Pokua A./