Thursday, January 29, 2009

Maren S.

LIKES: To be honest, I am drawn to just about anything. I love bright colors, patterns, Quaker; floral, animal, vegetable (I could be really tweaked and say mineral--go ahead, stitch me a rock). I have a wide area of interest when it comes to cross stitch.

DISLIKES: Although I am not as fond of those extremely primitive almost disjointed patterns, I do believe in the spirit of giving. Anything stitched for me will be cheerfully received.

USE: I would like to stitch them into a quilt, eventually. Which means I'll probably be signing up again, and again, and again...


Previous Partners: Jill F/Sharon V/Melissa P/Lynda A/Janice M/Peg H/Sharon V/Renee K/