Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marie W.

LIKES: Nature designs, Quaker, BBD, LHN/CCN, Birds of a Feather, Danish designers, French designers such as Rouge du Rhin, Is. Vautier, Lizzie Kate, Primitive Needle, patriotic, Halloween (pumpkins, witches, ghosts, spiders, cats, bats), Egyptian, Celtic, birds, foxes, turkeys, squirrels, sheep, bees/bee skeps, dragonflies. Christmas is OK if non-religious, like pine trees, deer/reindeer, snowflakes, presents, stars. I like animals if they are silhouettes OR look real. I like Thanksgiving as long as the turkeys are not shown as a meal.

DISLIKES: Religious crosses/ religious/ Easter/ fantasy/ Disney/ teddy bears or other "cutesy" designs (cartoon-like), or Donna Kooler-type designs, or baby or children's designs. I don't like coffee, egg, chickens, roosters/ham or meat designs. I don't like Halloween vampires, blood, gruesome, Frankenstein designs.

USES: I plan to just make pinkeeps at first. I might make a couple of needlebooks.


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