Saturday, March 17, 2012

Becca C.

LIKES: Cats, cats, cats and more cats! I also LOVE the USA and I love Americana designs, they are very hard to get up here in Canada. I love samplers. I like animals of all sorts. I also like florals, especially pansies. I like quilting themes and knitting themes (two of my other hobbies). Some of my favourite designers are The Sweetheart Tree, Textile Heritage, Prairie Schooler and Needle's Prayse, but I would like to receive all different kinds of designers.

DISLIKES: Anything of a religious nature. I also don't like holiday themed designs (except for July 4th).

USES: I would like to use the squares to make scissor fobs (I collect embroidery scissors) needlebooks and pin cushions. I am also a quilter so perhaps, I may save them all to make up into a quilt.

BLOG: none at this time.

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